Custom Hendrix Drums

Custom Americana Kit

Custom Rock Kit

Custom Jazz Kit

50's R&B Kit 

Snare Drums ranging from 1910 to present.

Free Floating Marching Snare Drum

Piccolo Snare Drums

Various Size Kick Drums

Hybrid Drum/Hand Percussion Drum sets

Sampling Pads


Effect Pedals for Stage Processing


12" to 17" Hi Hats

20" to 24" Rides and Crash Rides

14" to 24" Crashes

6" to 12" Splashes and Effects 

Hoop Crashers

Stack Cymbals and Choppers

Spiral Effect Cymbals

36" Orchestral Gong

24" Wind Gong

Chinese Opera Gongs

Javanese Gongs

Turkish Finger Cymbals

Trash Can Lids


Moravian Cajóns

Wula Djembes

Tabla by Anwar

Lev El'Man Riqqs

Bira Pandeiros

Framedrums, Doumbeks


Congas, Bongos, and Timbales

Cowbells, Agogo, Woodblocks


Shekeres, Reco Reco, Guiros

Udu, Zabumba, Caxixi 

Forro, Cajun, and Classical Triangles